Floral Shirt Trends

Fashion Floral


Floral prints are back with style and they have been given a classy modification using moderately sized prints, with comfortable hues of subtle colors. They come in various colors from orchids, peonies, roses in rucksacks to tulips on the shirts. Just name it. The floral shirt trend is turning out to be a phenomenon in the fashion world. Flowers are clearly taking roots in people’s wardrobes.

Floral prints are a key component to these trends. Fashion designers have manipulated floral prints for a vast spectrum of uses that take the delicate element from subtle to bold. These new designs breathe a new life to shirt wear. This trend has led to the enlisting for a wardrobe update at large. Floral shirts decorate everything from tailored suits and relaxing shirts which go with almost everything. Many of the clothing brands from Gucci, Prada, McQueen, Givenchy and UBERMEN have not been left out either.

Floral shirts have colorful patterns that burst with vitality giving you the freedom to create a unique mix and match layered look.
The clothes are veritable festival of florals. They come in both silk and cotton shirts which blossom with gorgeous, graphic and playful prints. Moreover, a few unexpected patterns also appear, as in shirts with motifs.

Furthermore, floral shirts can be worn in a variety of ways. It is alright to match a checked shirt with a polka dot hanky or a floral scarf. This also goes well with a combination of a blue summer blazer for example. The floral shirts range from dark blue, aqua, red, safari green, and many more.

A range of oxford shirts with elegant, tasteful, like a mother of pearl button with colored stitching, together with a silk tie, jacket and handkerchief is just the perfect match. This creates a debonair effect that is just right for a party or a very important meeting. With a combination of jeans, these shirts create a comfortably relaxed yet stylish look for an evening or day wear.

This is a fashion trend that could raise eyebrow. But really, times are changing and we are living in a world where one has to feel comfortable in what they wear. The floral trend has shot all over the globe and people are even taking them to a new level with shorts. This is a fashion statement that cannot be easily ignored.

4 Ways to wear floral shirts successfully

1. It should never be too much; If you are wearing a floral shirt, do not wear floral on floral. It is not advisable to wear a floral shirt with a floral blazer or with a floral trouser. Keep it clean and simple.

2. You should stick to prints on light coloured backgrounds such as white, cream, light blue as they are easier on the eyes or dark backgrounds. If you prefer brighter colors, the background should be the bright and bold color.

3. Keep the floral prints moderate. The prints should not be too bold and if they are bold they should not be too colorful.

4. If you love to wear colorful and bold prints, tone it down with a neutral or dark pieces.

Don’t be left out, get yourself a floral shirt!